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Colour Stories: Marrakech  


Colour Stories: Marrakech is an exploration of colour and inspired by my travels to Marrakech. The project is an ongoing series of work that encapsulates the essence of Marrakech through colour and weave. The project aims to encapsulate the city's essence through colour, print and weave. The Handspun nature of Banana yarn is directly related to the Banana trees found in the Riad of my travels and the hours spent under them to shield me from the hot summer sun. Its playful texture reflects the liveliness of the souks, which introduced me to various spices and the main ingredients of the first phase of the series; Avocado, Saffron and Turmeric. 

 Working within a sensitive colour palette reflects the discipline of colour found across Marrakech and speaks to the warm tones of the city. The project incorporates Lorelle's interest in woven, botanical printed textiles and knowledge of natural dyes. 

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