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The Departure Cloth & Weaver's Stool


The Departure cloth & Weaver's Stool is part of the Kente Re-coded series. A collection of Woven textile experiments that mirror the symbolic language of Kente cloth. The series focuses on the re-contextualisation of what Kente is and can be.  

 Departure is the first cloth in the series and is an experimental investigation of diaspora and Black British identity through the lens of Kente. It focuses on re-coding the language of Kente through its double cloth construction by pushing past & present manipulation techniques; that is reminiscent of the thrones of  Asante chiefs. Departure positions itself alongside the weaver stool, and together they symbolise what it means to be a female weaver in what has been historically a male-dominated craft. Recycled sari silk and cotton within the Departure Cloth reflect colonial trade history. As the colours employed within the cloth evoke a sense of tradition and considered approach to design as within the Kente weaving tradition, colour denotes the user's status. 

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